Thou Shalt Do As Thou Wilt

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Oil on paper.

Tonight I cried a little because I was suddenly overcome with how much I miss my ex (I do such a great job of killing that feeling on a day to day basis I forgot it existed basically) but you know what? I’m gunna wipe my cheeks and then I’m going to tidy my room and put on PJs and and put on True Blood and then the feeling will have passed. I’m reminding myself now that there’s nothing I can do about the passage of time. Yes I made mistakes and no I was not perfect. Not by a longshot. But that does mean it was all my fault. Sometimes an event is just an event. Sometimes it’s actually harder to accept that it was no ones fault - there was nothing I could do. But I can do it now. I can accept it. Look, I’m lying in front of the window fan and my tears are drying as I type. Feeling the tears fade now. I know they’ll be back eventually but for now they are gone. Time to get up and tidy. Let’s go. Let’s make the most of this.

"The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it."

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me saying no isn’t me being rude it’s me protecting myself and my energies. this applies to every situation in which i say no in. and i don’t need to explain myself and that’s awesome and i love it. hell ya. 

Punch-Drunk Love (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2002)

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Me flirting


Glen Coco: Refill Siobhan Bell

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