Thou Shalt Do As Thou Wilt

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The moment after - Katarina 3, 2014, oil on canvas, 140cm x 100cm
Newest from “The moment after” series. <3

'shit it's raining'


be the goth queen you were trying to be when you were 14

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So I just woke up and I’m totally going to be late for school but I just wanted to say I always smell good and my bed is super soft and warm and I’m so happy that these past 2 weeks I haven’t been telling anyone much, haven’t told them who’s house I’m at, haven’t told them what time I got home, haven’t told them I cried in the car after I got my nails done. I didnt just so I could manage my thoughts and energy a little easier but I’ve found it creates so much less drama. No one to tell you their opinion. No one to ask you why or how or what were you thinking. No one to give you their approval or disapproval - who cares anyway? Even when it’s just the little things people do this. Just doing my thang. And at night I come home and I’m quiet and I’m full of meaningless secrets no one knows. I can sit there silently in my soft, warm bed smelling like spice and sweet and oranges and have an entire world inside me that’s all my own. It’s a small world. It’s an unimportant world. But it’s no ones else’s. I get to say who comes and goes.


*gets changed right in front of the window because i love to give back to the community*

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everyone’s having their mid-life crises at like 19

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13 Going On 30 is ten years old today


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Played with tarot cards this afternoon and relaxed reading my book and then I spent a few hours listening to throwback hip hop and r&b with Sarah and doing lame fake tattoos and now I’m waiting for her to shower so we can go see Divergent and I’m listening to Punk Goes Crunk and gossiping with Ashley about bad dates hahaha this has been a very good day